Biomedical Statistics and Informatics

Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2022

  • Wavelet Analysis of Aberrant Observations in the Rate of Inflow of Patients in Some Diseaes in Kogi State, Nigeria

    Aideyan Donald Osaro, Efuwape Biodun Tajudeen

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 41-48
    Received: 12 February 2022
    Accepted: 4 March 2022
    Published: 28 July 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.bsi.20220703.11
    Abstract: In recent years, the method of wavelet analysis has been opened to researchers. Wavelet analysis analyses data at different level of decomposition and can capture the characteristics of data series in all decomposition level. In this research work, data was collected on the medical records of the inflow of patients for medication on Malaria fever a... Show More
  • Prevalence and Factors Associated with Diabetes Mellitus in Bahir Dar Town, Northern Ethiopia, 2019: A Facility Based Cross-Sectional Study

    Mengistu Biru, Tewdros Getinet, Mikias Alayu, Neamine Tesfaye, Adamu Tayachew

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 49-59
    Received: 14 July 2022
    Accepted: 9 August 2022
    Published: 17 August 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.bsi.20220703.12
    Abstract: Diabetes Miletus (DM) is a common endocrine disorder characterized by hyperglycemia, often manifesting with symptoms and signs of osmotic diuresis such as polyuria, polydipsia, and polyphagia. The prevalence of DM in Ethiopia was 1.9% in 2017. Although the magnitude of DM is raised from time to time in Ethiopia; there are no or little pieces of evi... Show More